What is a Motorcycle Inspection?

It can be like jumping on your motorcycle and riding without any other consideration, but it is important to make sure that your bike is in good condition before walking on the road. According to the experts, it is very important to take a pre-ride before buying a motorcycle and take a quick inspection of whether the bike is in good condition or not.

Before riding a bike or buying the motorcycle it is very important to check the condition of the tires whether it is better or worse. According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation always remember to take care of six parts of the motorcycle before buying.

Let’s check out the six parts i.e. TCLOCS, tires denoted as T, controls denoted as C, lights denoted as L, oil denoted as O, chassis denoted as C, and stands denoted as S.  These are the most important part of the bike without checking the condition of these parts it won’t be possible to buy a bike. So don’t forget to check these six important parts.

According to MSF, some important facts related to the motorcycle inspection are given below –

1. Tires

It is the first and most valuable part of the bike. Without the tires, no one can ride their bike. Always remember that before buying the motorcycle check the condition of the tire. If the condition of the tires is good you can safely reach the home or your destination. Because someone is waiting for you at home. Never forget to check the condition of the tires.

2. Controls

Controls are the main part of the motorcycle. Whenever you want to buy a bike or ride a bike. Every time you look over the controls of the bike are working properly or not. Check the brakes, accelerator, handle, and all the necessary things.  After all, it’s about your life.

3. Lights

As we all know the battery is the main part of the bike. Without a battery, lights can’t work. So it is most important to inspect the battery condition whether it is working properly or not. Check all the electric connections of the battery.

There are different types of lights present in the bike such as headlights, navigation lights, and brake lights. The intensity of all the lights is different. If the battery of your bike working properly then all the lights are working properly. 

4. Oils

Before starting a ride always check the fuel level in the bike. Fuel is crucial for starting the bike. There are different types of fuel and oils available in the bike check out the condition of all the oils whether it is in the working stage or not. Suppose you are not maintaining the oiling properly then your bike won’t give the proper mileage and other problems will occur.

 5. Chassis

It is the base of the bike. Check the status of the bike and always remember that there is no damages are present in the chassis and all the internal parts are operating perfectly. 

6. Stands

Stands are the support of the bike. Without the stands, the bike cannot stand properly. There are two types of stands available on the bike such as side stand and main stand. If there is any type of damage and bends are present in the stand then the bike cannot be to stand properly. It will damage the bike.