5 Best Electric Motorcycles

In today’s world demand for electric motorcycles is increasing day by day. The electric motorcycle is developing for the last few decades and now this industry is currently at its peak point. There are many more electric motorcycles available in the market such as lightning strikes, Cake Kalk&, Zero SR, Hardly Davidson Livewire, Energica Ego, etc. Every individual brand has its own features. 

Lightning Strike: This is the exact bike you are looking for. Lightning Strike has become very popular than other bikes because of its 150-mile range and 35 minute charge time. According to the reports it is having 150 mile-per-hour top speed. Within a few years, it has become the most anticipated cycle. It is heavy in weight of 455 Ibs and its purchase cost is $13,000. And the battery capacity is 10 kWh. What else do you want???

Cake Kalk&:  If you are getting bored of very compact roads then this bike makes you feel good because this bike has the capacity to deal with any type of dirt and it has been designed in such a way that you can easily use it on back roads and alleyways. This bike available in the market at 174 Ibs which is very light in weight as compared to other motorcycles. This bike having a 2.6 kWh lithium-ion battery which gives 83-mile range and 56-mile-per-hour top speed.

Zero SR: Zero SR bike is very popular because of its performance and it is designed with advanced techniques. It charges up to 6X faster and it does not require any special charging equipment. It is best-looking bike having battery capacity 14.4kWh, a 223-mile range which depends on use, and top sped 102 miles-per-hour. In the market, its purchase price is $16,500 which is quite cheap as compared to other e-bikes.

Harley Davidson Livewire: This bike captured the attention of the motorcycle community with its smooth bodywork, powerful electric motorcycle, and most important its legendary brand name. The cycle takes on surely sporty appearance with the aerodynamic panels and sharp edges. The battery capacity of Hardly 15.5kWh with range 140 miles and top speed is 95 miles-per-hour. The bike having weight 549Ibs and its market cost is $29,800.

Energica Ego: It is a very powerful Italian motorcycle electric bike that looks like a well-rounded racer bike. It is one of the most awesome looking bikes. The engine capacity is 107 kW which translates nearly around 145 horsepower. The performance of the bike is not bent in any department. The top speed is 150 miles-per-hour and its range 93 miles depending on use with 11.7 kWh battery capacity. The market value of this motorcycle is $34000.