Sony S-Vision Car

As we all know Sony is a very famous brand for electronic gadgets. Till now Sony invented so many different gadgets such as mobile phones, cameras, speakers, headphones, television, and many more. Apart from that Sony introduced the new luxurious electric car which is known as Sony Vision –S Car.

Different technologies are used for developing this sony vision-s car, some of them are Sensing technology, Artificial Intelligence technology, telecommunication, cloud technology, and many more. This is the best electric car of this decade. All the work of the car can be done in one click.

The look of the car is just awesome. There are near about 33 sensors present in the car such as a music sensor, navigation sensors, route sensor, image sensor, ToF sensors which are used for identifying the people near around the car and also present in the car, and so on.

The main features of the Sony Vision-S Car are given below:

The Sony Vision-Car is the fusion of different technologies. The different technologies are used for a different purpose –

1. Imaging and Sensing Technology

It is used for image detection and route detection.

2. AI Technology

It allows the machine to work in an intelligent manner.

3. Telecommunication Technology

It is used to connect a mobile phone with the car. You can do all types of communication, calling with the help of this technology.

4. Cloud Technology

The main purpose of this technology is to store all the data in the cloud. Nowadays it is the trending technology that is used by everyone for storing the data safe and secure.

As mentioned earlier A total of 33 sensors available in the car in the dotted form. It is present inside as well as outside the car. The first sensor is a CMOS sensor that is used for image detection, route detection, object detection, and color reorganization. LiDAR is another sensor that is used for object detection in day and night time. 

ToF sensors are present inside the car that is used for detecting the people inside and outside the car. It is part of the entertainment system. The design and structure of the car are based on the Safety cocoon concept that means the combination of different technologies and different sensors in one car. 

It is totally automatic car all the functions like accelerating, steering and braking all handled by the system. The driver is also important for monitoring the functions of the car are working properly or not. In other words, we can say drivers only need monitoring, not anything else.

Acura NSX-A Legendary Car

Acura NSX was the creation of one of the largest Japanese automobile manufacturing company Honda, and it was under production for about 15 years starting from the year 1990. It was known as Acura NSX only in Hong Kong and North America, whereas it was famous under the label of Honda NSX worldwide.


The V6 gasoline engine was the heart of the car and it was also facilitated with rear-wheel drive layout. This car was specially designed to compete with Ferrari, which was offering the same facilities as Honda along with a low price. For this reason, the 2.0 L V6 engine was replaced by 3.0 L VTEC V6 engine. The body of the car was specially designed by two of the researchers namely Uehara and Okuyuma who researched over the F-16 fighter jet plane. NSX model was the first car of its type whose suspension, body, chassis and most of the parts were made up of pure aluminum. Only the amount of aluminum used in its body had a weight over 200 kgs.

In 1992, Honda decided to create a new much advanced sports car that can stand in best on road performance and thus the brand new NSX-R was created. The looks of this car was race oriented. The second generation of this car was designed and manufactured in Japan in the year 2002. In this model, the new 3.2L DOHC V6 engine was used that attracted the customers world wide. The revised engine produced a power up to 320 bhp.

By that time about 20 kg weight was reduced because of the aluminum made suspension. Paying attention to the many special facilities that are badly required in any sports-car such as the Electric Power Steering System, use of titanium rods in engine, Electronic Throttle Control and anti-lock brake system, a huge amount of money and time was spent by Honda in manufacturing this car. The resulting widespread publicity of the Acura NSX, made the company’s efforts well worth.

In 2005, another car model named NSX-R GT was produced. Once, Gordon Murray, the designer of MC Laren F1 committed that the technology used in NSX helped a lot to design McLaren. NSX was used as a safety car in two of the circuits – the Twin Ring Motegi and Suzuk.

At present, the NSX model has been changed a lot to be used in the Super GT. These changes include the engine and chassis by Mugen and Dome respectively. The super GT/GT500 model of NSX was launched at the beginning of 2003 that could produce a power transmission up to 500 bhp.


Some of the exciting features of the Acura NSX that has made it stand out to this day include;

1. Elegant Shape

If you haven’t seen the car, imagine how you see futuristic cars. Smooth, elegant and flowing. A simple shape yet very intricate in details, that’s the new NSX. The shape of it will make you think it’s already fast. It’s a head turner wherever you go.

2. Stylish Interior

Whenever the NSX shows up, all we see is the exterior, but last year, the NSX’s interior had its debut to the public eye. When comfort meets the future. Suede top, carbon fiber trims and red leather bottom half. It may sound odd to you but this interior is done beautifully with no extensiveness of color and function. It’s simply very stylish.

3. Hybrid: Speed and Efficiency

3 electric motors a twin turbo V-6 engine and 0-60mph in 3.0 seconds……you just guessed it. It is super fast. Since it’s still in it’s developmental stages, we still have no solid number as to how fast it can exactly go, but having electric motors to boost the two turbo engine, it is deemed to go fast as a mid engine vehicle. And with the electric motor, less fuel consumption so we can all enjoy a fast and longer drive.
With two electric motors attached on the front wheels, it’ll help it in turning and braking. And with the electric motor involved, it will help push the car rather than just the engine doing all the work. It’s like having coffee, with an extra shot of espresso.

4. The Drive

The folks developing the NSX has promised that instead of how the driver is overwhelmed by the car, the NSX will be about both the car and the driver. It does not mean that us, the driver, will be doing all the work. We drive and the NSX complies. This is brilliant especially with how super cars are now, we are overwhelmed with how it performs and even if we are the ones driving, the car takes over the drive.

5. It’s an Acura

The greatest edge the NSX has is that it’s an Acura: Superior handling, efficient driving. Nothing is wasted and everything is provided, this has been what the Acura is all about. So we can be sure that the NSX will hug corners, deliver sufficient speeds, be comfortable, drive longer and look amazing. A luxury brand that never boasts of anything ridiculous but gives you everything you need in a car. That’s why this Acura NSX is sure to deliver.

Now, the revived 2016- 2017 Acura NSX is rumored to be rolled out next market, but there’s no official confirmation from Honda/Acura yet.

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The History of the BMW M3

The BMW M3 Series is a compact car available from BMW, which are manufactured in Germany. The car is known for its luxury features, as well as being a sporty type vehicle. The 3 series has been in existence as a model with BMW since 1975. The 3 series is also BMW’s bestselling vehicle, as it is one of their lower priced models, starting usually around $30,000 new.


The first generation of the BMW M3 series was known as the E21, and ran from 1975-1983. This generation featured a coupe styling, and a four cylinder engine. The car was originally introduced during the oil crisis of the 1970s, and was meant to provide economy, even for those looking for luxury and upper class vehicles.

The second generation ran from 1982-1994. These models are actually still seen on the road today, although rare. These vehicles were built to last hundreds of thousands of miles, so it’s no surprise people do still own these vehicles. This car started at around $18,000 new, which is surprisingly low for BMW’s standards, although one most also take into effect the inflation over the years. The car featured a bigger, faster engine, as well as more options, and different design choices. This generation was available in a 2 door sedan, a 2 door convertible, a 4 door saloon, or a 5 door touring model.

The third generation, was known as the E36, and is the third generation of the BMW M3 Series. This generation was very popular, and you also still see some of these on the road today. This generation was produced from 1991-2000. This design, is actually my second favorite of the BMW M3 series designs in their history, first place going to the current design of the vehicle. This generation saw enormous success, and some of the highest success BMW had seen of all time, and definitely the most success BMW had seen with their 3 series sedan. This generation featured new safety features, more luxury options, more engine options, and the ability to have all wheel drive, or rear wheel drive, depending on your preference.

Watch the video of BMW M3: Evolution over the Years

The E46, which is the fourth generation, was also very popular, and are still commonly sold in used car lots, and by individuals. This generation spanned from 1998-2005. This design was a little more rounded, which was the increasingly popular look with automobiles in this time generation. The car seemed to become slightly smaller, but a little sportier, lighter, and definitely faster. The interior design of this generation was absolutely superb, and sitting in one just made you feel like you had to drive one, as it just seemed like a really fun car to drive. The car’s features were expanded, and more options were added, as with every new generation of BMW M3 series.

The current generation, known as the E90, has been in effect since 2006. This is my favorite redesign of the BMW M3 series, as it also has the “I have to drive this” look to it, both on the exterior and interior. The car was built to increase fuel economy, due to the “fuel crisis” in recent times, and increasing fuel prices. The car also has added safety, technology, and luxury features, including HD radio, Bluetooth technology, and more.

In conclusion, the BMW M3 Series is a well made automobile. If you’re interested in learning more about the BMW M3 series, or any BMW product, simply head to