Sony S-Vision Car

As we all know Sony is a very famous brand for electronic gadgets. Till now Sony invented so many different gadgets such as mobile phones, cameras, speakers, headphones, television, and many more. Apart from that Sony introduced the new luxurious electric car which is known as Sony Vision –S Car.

Different technologies are used for developing this sony vision-s car, some of them are Sensing technology, Artificial Intelligence technology, telecommunication, cloud technology, and many more. This is the best electric car of this decade. All the work of the car can be done in one click.

The look of the car is just awesome. There are near about 33 sensors present in the car such as a music sensor, navigation sensors, route sensor, image sensor, ToF sensors which are used for identifying the people near around the car and also present in the car, and so on.

The main features of the Sony Vision-S Car are given below:

The Sony Vision-Car is the fusion of different technologies. The different technologies are used for a different purpose –

1. Imaging and Sensing Technology

It is used for image detection and route detection.

2. AI Technology

It allows the machine to work in an intelligent manner.

3. Telecommunication Technology

It is used to connect a mobile phone with the car. You can do all types of communication, calling with the help of this technology.

4. Cloud Technology

The main purpose of this technology is to store all the data in the cloud. Nowadays it is the trending technology that is used by everyone for storing the data safe and secure.

As mentioned earlier A total of 33 sensors available in the car in the dotted form. It is present inside as well as outside the car. The first sensor is a CMOS sensor that is used for image detection, route detection, object detection, and color reorganization. LiDAR is another sensor that is used for object detection in day and night time. 

ToF sensors are present inside the car that is used for detecting the people inside and outside the car. It is part of the entertainment system. The design and structure of the car are based on the Safety cocoon concept that means the combination of different technologies and different sensors in one car. 

It is totally automatic car all the functions like accelerating, steering and braking all handled by the system. The driver is also important for monitoring the functions of the car are working properly or not. In other words, we can say drivers only need monitoring, not anything else.